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The National Gallery of Australia celebrates 25 years
Sunday 14 October 1–5 pm

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Max Ernst Habakuk 1934/70 bronze

Max Ernst Habakuk 1934/70 bronze Purchased with the assistance of the National Australia Bank 2006

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, the National Gallery of Australia is being supported by a fundraising initiative committed to the purchase of major acquisitions throughout the Anniversary year.


25th anniversary Acquisitions


Seated Buddha, 2nd Century

Ron Radford AM, Director of the National Gallery of Australia, announced the acquisition of an important stone 2nd century Seated Buddha. The acquisition of Seated Buddha is in celebration of the National Gallery of Australia’s 25th Anniversary and has been made possible though the generous assistance of Ms Roslyn Packer AO.

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Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri Warlugulong 1977

The National Gallery of Australia is delighted to unveil the recently acquired Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri painting Warlugulong 1977. This highly significant work of art was acquired for $2.4 million as part of the 25th Anniversary Gifts Program and is one of several major acquisitions celebrating the National Gallery of Australia’s 25th Anniversary.

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Giorgio de Chirico La Mort d’un esprit [Death of a spirit] 1916

Director of the National Gallery of Australia, Mr Ron Radford AM, unveils an exquisite new painting acquisition by the important European Modernist artist Giorgio de Chirico (1888-1979). The painting La Mort d’un esprit [Death of a spirit] dated 1916 is one of the last early de Chirico works of art held within a private collection.

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Max Ernst Habakuk 1934/1970

The bronze sculpture Habakuk, Max Ernst’s largest work of art is a dark, towering, bird-like column, which has a commanding presence, slightly threatening, like a giant bird about to peck you. It is also comic, a person transformed into another form of being. Habakuk is named after a biblical prophet. The Book of Habakuk is one of the last, and shortest, books of the Old Testament, in which Habakuk asks God to curse his enemies.

The new Sculpture galleries


The Agapitos Wilson collection

Ron Radford AM, Director of the National Gallery of Australia, is excited to announce the acquisition of the most important Australian Surrealist collection assembled. The collection of works of art from the late James Agapitos OAM and Ray Wilson OAM is a most generous act of benefaction. This extensive acquisition of 285 works comes in two components: a generous gift and a purchase by the Gallery. The combined value of the collection is $6.6 million. The purchase amount is $2.5 million. The collection is the largest Australian Surrealist collection ever assembled.

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25th anniversary gift program

This year the Gallery is celebrating 25 years and to honour this landmark anniversary we are providing an opportunity to donate towards two works for the national collection. The acquisition of Jeffrey Smart’s Lovers by house 1956 and Gopashtami (Festival of the Cattle), a 19th-century Indian Pichhavai, part of the Foundation’s 25th Anniversary Gift Program.



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