Wednesday 1 May - Saturday 4 May 2013


If you have any questions about the conference please contact your local AAGGO representative in the first instance.

AAGGO representatives may contact

Carol Hunt
For queries relating to registrations or cancellations for the 2013 conference

Maryann Mussared
For queries relating to AAGGO Council business


Image detail above:
Ramingining Artists The Aboriginal Memorial 1987–88 (detail), National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, purchased with the assistance of funds from National Gallery admission charges and commissioned in 1987

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For AAGGO representatives


For information about the conference registration timeline and method of payment click here.

Further information for AAGGO representatives will be provided on this page closer to the conference.



The Association of Australian Gallery Guiding Organisations (AAGGO) is a non profit organisation which was established in 1977 by the voluntary guides at 10 Australian galleries and museums to help the guides get in touch with one another. Over the years it has grown to 19 galleries:

Art Gallery of Ballarat; Art Gallery of New South Wales; Art Gallery of South Australia; Art Gallery of Western Australia; Australian War Memorial; Bathurst Regional Art Gallery; Carrick Hill (SA); Dubbo Regional Gallery; Geelong Gallery; Heide Museum of Modern Art; Museum of Contemporary Art; National Gallery of Australia; National Gallery of Victoria; Newcastle Regional Art Gallery; Orange Regional Gallery; Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery (Launceston); Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art; Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery; Wagga Wagga Art Gallery; Wollongong City Gallery.

It is the gallery/museum guiding organisation that is a member of AAGGO, not the guides themselves. At present there are approximately 900 guides over the 19 galleries.

The only significant AAGGO wide activity is a conference which is held every 2 years and which each gallery takes a turn at organising.Only guides at AAGGO member galleries and museums can attend a conference. Numbers are limited by the size of the venue available and each gallery is given a quota for the number of people who can attend, based on the number of guides they have.

Membership of AAGGO is limited to galleries where the guides:

  • have an organisation (ie. a formal structure, constitution, office bearers)
  • are trained and their parent gallery 'accredits' them
  • have ongoing training
  • are unpaid volunteers

Galleries and museums that wish to apply for membership must:

  • submit an application which documents how it meets the above criteria
  • pay an annual membership fee of $4 per voluntary guide (this is usually paid by the host gallery rather than the guides themselves)
  • appoint an AAGGO contact person (called the AAGGO Representative) who represents their guiding organisation at the AAGGO Council meeting, which is held during the biennial conference. The AAGGO rep also provides a conduit for correspondence promoting the conference, as well as exhibitions and other activities at each gallery
  • be prepared to host a future conference
  • take on the role of AAGGO executive (collect fees, handle any business etc) during the period in which the gallery hosts a conference

Nominations for membership must be voted on and accepted by the AAGGO Council.

Ken Unsworth Suspended wall stonepiece 1976, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, Purchased 1976 more detail