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The National Gallery of Australia relies on the generosity of its supporters to assist with the cost of acquiring works of art and providing programs and services that promote the visual arts to visitors throughout the nation and internationally.

Benefaction programs

The Foundation

Foundation is the Gallery’s major acquisition fund and umbrella organisation for all Gallery benefactor groups. You can join the Gallery’s Foundation via many ways of donation and contibuting to other vital resources such as the Library or Conservation departments. Donations should be directed to the National Gallery of Australia Foundation. The National Gallery of Australia's Foundation is a registered charity and provides official receipts for tax purposes.

The Bequest Circle

The National Gallery of Australia Bequest Circle was launched in November 2008 as a way of recognising the important role that bequest benefactors play in the development of the national art collection and the Gallery’s programs for future generations.

The Bequest Circle was introduced to acknowledge and honour bequest donors during their lifetime. It provides existing and potential bequest donors the opportunity to enjoy a closer relationship with the Gallery and be involved with Foundation events.

Bequests to the Gallery, of whatever size, assist to strengthen and develop the national art collection. These gifts stand as a lasting tribute to the generosity and vision of the Gallery's benefactors.

American Friends of the National Gallery of Australia (AFNGA)

In the early 1980’s L. Gordon Darling AC approached a small number of prominent Americans in New York who had links and friendships with Australians. He sought their help to support and enrich the National Gallery’s collection of art. The result was the creation of the American Friends of the Australian National Gallery (AFNGA).


A donation to the National Gallery of Australia may take the form of cash, or property, such as shares and securities or a work of art, which meet the Gallery's acquisition policy. Gifts of cash or property may be made to the National Gallery of Australia or cash, shares and securities, to the National Gallery of Australia Foundation. Support the National Gallery of Australia, make a donation.

Donating money

Cash donations are fully tax deductible and 100% of your donation will be used towards the specified cause. Cash donations may be made to the general fund, the Masterpieces for the Nation Fund or for a specific purpose such as the acquisition of a work of art, the presentation of exhibitions, publications or the delivery of education and conservation programs.

Donating works of art

You may wish to donate a work of art to the Gallery. All proposed gifts of works of art will need to be discussed with the relevant curator and approved by the Gallery's Acquisition Committee. Gifts of works of art made under the Cultural Gifts Program will entitle you to a tax deduction, which may be spread over five years.


The National Gallery of Australia and the Foundation seek to acknowledge the support provided by its benefactors. Some benefactors may wish to be acknowledged, others may wish to remain anonymous—your wishes will be honoured.

All non-anonymous donations (including notified bequests) are acknowledged in our quarterly magazine artonview and in the annual report . Donors of $100 000 or more will also be acknowledged on the honour boards placed in the foyer of the Gallery.

Donations of $1000 or more will entitle you to become a member of the Foundation . Donors are represented at their respective membership level in the annual report.

Tax treatments

There are many ways that you can assist the Gallery to achieve our vision:


Donation programs

Masterpieces for the Nation

Since it was initiated in 2003, the annual Masterpieces for the Nation Fund has assisted the Gallery to acquire many significant works of art for the national art collection including Sydney Long’s Flamingoes c 1905–06, Jeffrey Smart’s Lovers by house 1956, an eighteenth-century Indian pichhavai: Autumn moon festival (Sharad Purnima), and Doreen Reid Nakamarra’s Untitled 2007. In 2009, the Foundation raised funds to acquire Shearing Shed, Newstead 1893–94 by Tom Roberts.

The Masterpieces for the Nation Fund is one of the many ways you can give to the National Gallery of Australia through the Foundation. Your contribution will be acknowledged in Artonview and the National Gallery of Australia Foundation Annual Report. Donations are tax-deductible and contributions of $1000 or more make you eligible to become a life member of the National Gallery of Australia Foundation .

This year the National Gallery of Australia is seeking to acquire Benjamin Duterrau's An Infant of Van Diemen's Land 1840 for the Masterpieces for the Nation Fund. Learn more

Treasure a textile

The National Gallery of Australia holds one of the finest Asian textile collections in the world. Conserving textiles for display and to stabilise their condition is a time consuming and specialised task. We are pleased to offer a unique program enabling interested members of the public to support the conservation of particular textile treasures and learn about Asian textiles at the same time.

Cultural gifts program

Donations of works of art to the National Gallery of Australia may be given under the Cultural Gifts Program, which encourages gifts of significant cultural items to public art galleries by offering donors a tax deduction for the market value of their gifts.

The Cultural Gifts Program is administered by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet in Canberra in accordance with the gift provisions of the income tax law and with the advice of the Committee on Taxation Incentives for the Arts.

  • Please refer to the Cultural Gifts Program website for further information
  • The market value of the gift is fully tax deductible, with some exceptions
  • Donors can elect to spread the deduction over a maximum of five income years
  • Gifts are exempt from capital gains tax.
  • See tax treatments FAQ

You may contact the Secretariat of the program on (02) 6275 9651.

Pre-tax workplace giving

The Gallery has recently adopted a new tax-effective scheme to assist staff and supporters in donating through the payroll system. The scheme, supported by the Australian Taxation Office, allows you to commit a regular amount as small as a $2 cup of coffee to go directly to the gallery each fortnight through your payroll. You receive upfront tax relief as donations are deducted from your pre-tax pay and there is no need for receipts as a summary of donations is included on your annual Payment Summary at the end of each financial year.

Many companies, understanding the need for businesses to take an active role in the broader community, are adopting a similar scheme. If Workplace Giving is not available in your organisation and you would like some information to pass on to your Human Resource Department or Payroll Officer, we would be happy to assist.

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