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19 March 2004

The National Gallery of Australia presents part II of its innovative program fullscreen:explorations in new media.

Nearly thirty years ago, teenagers were excited about the introduction of the pong machine and a new TV console game call pac man. How things have changed!

Dr Chris Chesher, Senior Lecturer from the School of Media and Communications at the University of NSW will explore the convergence of new media art and computer games at 2pm on Saturday 24 April 2004 at the National Gallery of Australia.

The frenzy of growth in the industry has taken us into a new world of entertainment. How do we make sense of computer games and new media art? What is our relationship with machines and virtual pets? How do we cope with artificial environments that our bodies and senses perceive to be real? As media technologies change so does the use of media — games design and artistic practices intersect.

'Video games and new media art are among the most active fields of critical thought about contemporary changes in human experience', says Dr Chris Chesher.

Join us as Dr Chris examines the blending of games and art in the work of cutting edge artist Char Davies, who works with immersive, interactive virtual-reality environments. Watch as he explores Myron Kreuger's Artificial Reality and boogies down with Sonys eyeToy.

Dr Chris will also investigate the use of multi-layered spaces in works like Blast Theory's I like Frank project, Honegger and Hunts installation Container. He'll also introduce new ways of forming caring relationships in games like Neopet and artworks like Metapet.

Note: Dr Chris Chesher is available for interview

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: : 2pm : : james o fairfax theatre : : national gallery of australia : : parkes place canberra
: : presented on the last saturday of each month : : march to september 2004

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