Creeping through the jungle

Children’s Gallery 9 December 2006–1 April 2007

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John Olsen 'Tree frog' 1973, lithograph, printed in brown ink, from one stone, Collection of the National Gallery of Australia © John Olsen. Licensed by VISCOPY, Australia
John Olsen 'Tree frog' 1973, lithograph, Collection of the National Gallery of Australia © John Olsen. Licensed by VISCOPY, Australia

Creeping through the jungle takes visitors on a journey of exploration through the tropical rainforests of Australia, the Pacific, Southeast Asia, and Central and South America. The exhibition opens in the Children’s Gallery at the National Gallery of Australia on Saturday 9 December 2006.

The exhibition features a broad range of art media including prints by William Robinson and other Australian artists, a life-sized cassowary made of plant fibres and feathers and a wooden sow from Papua New Guinea. Several big cats prowl the exhibition, including a Mayan burial urn that has a jaguar sitting upright on the lid. These big cats guard the treasure at the end of the journey – a small collection of exquisitely modelled golden birds and animals made by the Tairona and Sinu people of Columbia.

Creeping through the jungle encourages children to learn about the animal, bird, insect and plant life of the rainforests and to think about their own place in the world and the environment.  The works of art in this exhibition stand testament to the remarkable influence of the natural environment over artists through the centuries, and draw children into an appreciation of art through their delight in the creatures of the forest.

The Children's Gallery is dedicated to exhibitions drawn from the national collection, aimed at maximising the enjoyment and enrichment of a visiting child's experience. These exhibitions encourage and challenge children to be engaged and stimulated by art and are supported by a range of interactive activities.

Creeping through the jungle is curated by the Department of International Painting and Sculpture. The exhibition is supported by a range of public programs made possible through partnership with the National Zoo and Aquarium.

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