Second Investigation into Cancer Related Illnesses
among National Gallery of Australia Employees


Project Team Background


The project team members are Dr Tim Driscoll, Mr Gary Foster and Ms Felicity Driscoll.


The project will be led by Dr Tim Driscoll (MBBS BSc(Med) MOHS PhD FAFOM FAFPHM ).  Dr Driscoll is a specialist in occupational medicine and public health medicine, who until 2001 was head of the Epidemiology Unit at the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission (NOHSC).  He is also a fellow of the Australasian Faculty of Occupational Medicine and the Australasian Faculty of Public Health Medicine, and now works as an independent consultant in occupational health and public health.  Dr Driscoll has a PhD in the epidemiology of work-related fatalities.  He has recently provided expert advice on the investigation of a possible occupational cancer cluster at a University, and was a member of the Expert Medical Panel of the West Australian Government that was convened to investigate aspects of chemical use by Kimberley pesticide workers, which included consideration of whether the incidence of cancer in the workers was higher than would have been expected, given the incidence in the general community.  He was also involved in occupational aspects of the World Health Organization Global Burden of Disease Comparative Risk Assessment project, being responsible for producing the sections on occupational carcinogens and occupational exposure to particulates.


Mr Gary Foster (BSc MSc), who is an experienced occupational hygienist, will provide the occupational hygiene expertise in the project.  Mr Foster has had 22 years experience as an occupational hygienist gained mostly in the Occupational Hygiene Unit at NOHSC, where he worked from 1983 to 2001. He has been managing his own hygiene consultancy since leaving NOHSC. Mr Foster has degrees in chemistry (BSc) and acoustics (MSc) and is a full member of the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists and a Certified Occupational Hygienist (COH). He has conducted a wide range of workplace assessments and consultancy for industry and Government clients. He has trained other occupational hygienists and OHS professionals and has carried out many research projects on topics including noise, pesticides, solvents, dusts and whole-body vibration. His expertise covers a wide range of hazards including noise, chemicals, dusts, heat stress and thermal comfort, lighting and human vibration.


Ms Felicity Driscoll will be the research officer for the project.  Ms Driscoll has a Bachelor of Arts degree and a professional background in human resources and as an office manager.  She has relevant experience in general office administration, project administration and as a research officer.