eat art

Media release
10 January 2005

This new publication from the National Gallery of Australia includes recipes, superb photographs of the prepared dishes, reproductions of works from the national collection and accompanying notes to satisfy all tastes and sensibilities.

Many of the thirty-one prominent Australian chefs who have contributed to eat art are household names, television personalities and authors of best-selling books themselves. All were asked to choose a work of art from the National Gallery of Australia’s Australian art collection and respond to it in their own creative way. Each recipe is accompanied by a mouth-watering photo of the dish, a reproduction of the artwork selected and a short explanation from the chef as to why they selected the work. Also included is a brief background to each of the artists and artworks featured.

June celebration by Peter Upward inspired Neil Perry’s ‘Stir fried squid and prawn with squid ink noodles’, while Serge Dansereau reflected on Australia’s beach culture in Max Dupain’s Sunbaker,creating ‘Garfish fillet with lemon, green vegetables and zucchini frittata’. Kylie Kwong said, ‘The sensuality and seductive quality of Brett Whitley’s Interior with time past, its reflective movement and aliveness, reflect the experience I have when I am cooking “steamed mud crab with black bean and chilli”’.

The resulting publication is a feast for the eye and an impossible to resist temptation for the stomach. eat art will certainly make you think about what you like, in both food and art.

Contributing chefs

Stephanie Alexander, Daniel Alps, Maggie Beer, Shannon Bennett, Joan Campbell, Serge Dansereau, Teage Ezard, Margaret Fulton, Gabriel Gaté, Guy Grossi, Dorinda Haffner, Jane Hahn, Iain Hewitson, Geoff Jansz, Philip Johnson, Kylie Kwong, Stéphane Le Grand, Geoff Lindsay, Valli Little, Greg Malouf, Luke Mangan, Karen Martini, Matthew Moran, Ian Parmenter, Neil Perry, Stefano De Pieri, Dean Sammut, Cindy Sargon, Kathy Snowball, Charmane Solomon, Darren Vaughan

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eat art  hard cover  $39.95  ISBN 0 642 54197 3

available from the NGA Shop at the National Gallery of Australia, online at and all good bookstores

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