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National Gallery of Australia acquires After Cezanne

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The National Gallery of Australia is pleased to announce that it has purchased the painting After Cezanne (2000) by Lucian Freud.

This magnificent and important work was acquired for the sum of US$3.75million or Australian $7.4million. "This represents a very successful negotiation on the original asking price of US$4.5million," Gallery Director Dr Brian Kennedy said today.

"The Gallery appreciates the support of the artist and his dealer, Bill Acquavella, in facilitating this major acquisition."

"The purchase was made possible only through the extraordinary generosity and support of a number of members of the Gallery's Foundation Board, including David Coe and John Schaeffer, " Dr Kennedy said.

Their combined contributions amount to A$3.5million.

The purchase of After Cezanne sets a new benchmark by the National Gallery of Australia in its efforts to build a great national collection in partnership with individual benefactors. "The scale of private donation to After Cezanne is proof of the attraction of the Gallery's focused acquisition policy and demonstrates that Australians are both ambitious and very generous," Dr Kennedy said.

"The Gallery's success in acquiring After Cezanne is due to the splendid work of Council Chairman, Harold Mitchell, and of Tony Berg AM, Chairman of the Gallery Foundation, and his Board. The Foundation's role is of vital importance and the Gallery pays tribute to its distinguished benefactors for their combined vision and support," Dr Kennedy said.

The Gallery is also delighted to announce that more than 100,000 people have already seen the much acclaimed exhibition Monet & Japan. The exhibition continues in Canberra until 11 June.

"It is great to see such pleasure on the faces of so many visitors. Their response is worthy recognition of the efforts and commitment of the Gallery's staff."