Lost in Space

The Children's Gallery
National Gallery of Australia
12 August - 10 December 2000

Rocket Girl's spacecraft, Adnan is ready for boarding in the Children's Gallery at the National Gallery of Australia!

Come and see the view from her observation deck and control console! Just like children all over the world, Rocket Girl has looked through Adnan's windows at night to wish upon a star or to simply wonder just what is out there. Why would artists be any different?

Lost in Space shows how artists have taken up their tools to give life to their own dreams or visions of space. They've done this in jewellery, paint, photography, screen-printing, etching, sculpture, collage, drawing, film and video. Adnan is filled with works from the National Gallery of Australia's Collection. Come and see a smiling comet streaking across star filled skies in Every man searching by Greg Bell, an astronaut standing beside giant strawberries in Eduardo Paolozzi's work Me, and Will Alien powers invade the earth? as suggested by Paolozzi's robot in a futuristic city. Watch the morphing shapes in Game III (Sun) by David Rose, discover moon men, space madonnas, rockets launching… even touch a real-life asteroid that fell to earth!

Lost in Space is a world of cosmic shapes, flying cars, strange beings, twinkling stars, astronauts, space monsters, sparkling comets, lunar landscapes and the infinite blackness of space. Adnan is looking forward to seeing you!

For further information contact Public Affairs Telephone (02) 6240 6431, fax 6240 6561 or email helen.power@nga.gov.au.