National Gallery of Australia drops entry fees for under 16s

14 October 2003

The National Gallery of Australia today announced that it will remove entry fees to paid major temporary exhibitions for visitors under the age of 16 years.

Previously visitors under the age of 16 were required to pay the concessional entry fee for such exhibitions.

This latest move follows the October 1998 introduction of a policy of free entry to the Gallery’s permanent collections.

Announcing the decision, National Gallery Director Dr Brian Kennedy said it was aimed at increasing access to visual arts for the young.

‘Removing entry fees is the best way of ensuring that price is not a barrier to developing an appreciation of the visual arts’, he said.

‘You cannot underestimate the importance of giving young visitors access, in their formative years, to fine works of art. The abolition of entry fees for under 16s will help to make it possible for all young visitors to engage with, understand and enjoy their National Collection’, Kennedy said.

The Chairman of the Council of the National Gallery of Australia, Mr Harold Mitchell, is equally enthusiastic about the initiative.

‘We’re delighted to encourage all young people to make visiting the National Gallery of Australia part of their lives’, he said. ‘The National Gallery, on its 21st anniversary, wishes to pay tribute to young people who, in time to come, will we trust be generous benefactors of the visual arts through the National Collection.’

The changes will come into effect beginning with French Paintings from the Musée Fabre, Montpellier which opens to the public on Friday 7 November 2003.

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