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Strategic Plan 2004–2007
Strategic goals

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Jiri Nekovar
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Goal 3: Maintain and protect the national collection

To maintain and protect the national collection and works of art on loan through the highest standards of care in the presentation, conservation, storage and documentation of works of art

Key Strategies

  • Undertake research into the national collection to assess its condition and maintenance requirements
  • Implement appropriate measures to preserve and protect the national collection and works of art on loan to the Gallery
  • Identify and use appropriate technology and systems to care for, manage, protect and document the national collection

Our success will be measured by

  • Percentage of the national collection reviewed to assess its condition and maintenance requirements
  • Works of art identified for maintenance and treated in accordance with agreed priorities
  • Proportion of the national collection that is maintained at acceptable standards of conservation, protection, storage and documentation
  • Technology and systems meet the needs of caring for, managing, protecting and documenting the national collection

Our recent achievements

We have continued to maintain and protect the national collection. We have reviewed art storage facilities, transport procedures and continued to train staff in handling works of art.

Some of our achievements include:

Special projects

  • an Infra-red reflectography project to examine artist's techniques and materials
  • the commencement of a Carbon-14 dating program on the Asian textile collection
  • a joint research project with the National Museum of Australia and University of Canberra on the conservation of bark paintings
  • research on pollutant gases and adhesives used in Solander boxes to ensure safe storage environment for works on paper
  • professional support under the Partnership Program to regional galleries and museums to assess the condition of their collections
  • a project to digitise works of art commenced, with more than 22,000 images now scanned


  • six internships for conservation trainees established
  • training provided to interns from partner galleries

Specialist equipment

  • new equipment to improve handling and moving works of art acquired
  • upgraded security systems to provide improved protection of works of art
  • reviewed storage facilities and acquired new storage furniture and equipment

Policies and procedures

  • revised and updated our outward loans policy, including procedures and courier policy
  • revised and tested our disaster recovery plan
  • reviewed and implemented risk management assessments on significant outward loans
  • reviewed and implemented our integrated pest management plan