Contemporary Architects Speaker Series


For the past 17 years the ACT Chapter of the Australian Architects Institute and the National Gallery of Australia have been presenting the engaging and exciting Contemporary Australian Architects Speaker Series showcases the work of renowned Australian architects.

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Glen Murcutt

6pm Wednesday 4 September

Magney house, Bingie Bingie, Photo by Michael Nicholson

Clare Cousins

6pm Wednesday 11 September

Beach house, Mornington, Photo by Shannon McGrath

Website : Clare Cousins Architects

Peter Maddison

6pm Wednesday 18 September

Bastow Institute,Photo by Michael Nicolson

Website : Maddison Architects

Renato D'Ettorre

6pm Wednesday 25 September

Solis house, Hamilton Island,Photo by Mads Mogensen

Website : Renato D’Ettorre Architects

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For Canberra’s Centenary year 2013 a special lineup has been put together. Pritzker prize-winning architect Glenn Murcutt will open the series with a Q&A session. 2013 Emerging Architect prize-winning architect Clare Cousins will present in the second week. Grand Designs Australia presenter Peter Maddison will present his own work in the third week with the accomplished Renato D’Ettorre concluding the series.

Top image: Magney house, Bingie Bingie, Architect Glen Murcutt Photo by Michael Nicholson