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Art and Alzheimer's

Outreach Program

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Art & Alzheimer's Outreach Program

Adriane Boag
Program coordinator
Learning and Access

02 6240 6632

Nikki Main
Project Officer
Art and Alzheimer's Outreach Program
Learning and Access

02 6240 6432

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Looking for support

The National Gallery of Australia is seeking a partner to continue the roll out of the Art & Alzheimer┬╣s Outreach Program nationally.

If you or your organisation would like to be an integral part of creating a self-sustaining, effective and community enhancing form of treatment for dementia in art centres and regional galleries across the country, please contact us here.

Your support will provide important help for Australians everywhere in meeting the growing challenge of dementia in our society.


In 2010 the National Gallery of Australia, with the assistance of a community grant from the Department of Health and Ageing and the Thyne Reid Foundation developed the Art and Alzheimer's Outreach Program. The Outreach Program assists remote, regional and urban centres to develop a gallery program for people living with dementia. A two-day training workshop has been developed for health care and visual arts workers to forge connections in order to tailor a visual arts program for people living with dementia within their own communities.

Skills to deliver a Gallery tour for this audience are shared, observed and practiced during the two-day workshop program.

Healthcare providers gain an understanding of the value of a visit to a Gallery, enabling them to give an informed description of the tours to their clients and management. Health care providers play a key role in building confidence for people living with dementia to participate.

The outcome is to establish the partnerships necessary for a solid foundation for the program in each region.

The Art and Alzheimer's Outreach Program training workshop includes an introduction to the effects of dementia delivered by a local healthcare professional, assisting Gallery workers to gain an understanding of the cognitive and social challenges experienced by people with a diagnosis of dementia.