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  1. Australian art | Members Flappers in the fall
    Mar 21 2:00pm
    Venue: Sculpture Garden
    Price : $60 members, $70 guests
  2. James Turrell | Members Turrell at twilight
    Mar 25 6:30pm Finish the day with a glass of Chandon in the Australian Gardens and a curatorial introduction to James Turrell's Within without followed by a dusk viewing.
    Venue: Australian Gardens
    Price : Free, members only, bookings essential, places limited
  3. Indigenous art | Members Coffee with the curator
    Apr 10 10:15am Join Franchesca Cubillo, Senior Curator of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art, for a guided tour of the Gallery's Indigenous galleries followed by coffee and cake in the Members Lounge.
    Venue: meet at information desk
    Price : $20 members, $30 guests
  4. Permanent collection | Members Mini members: Fancy dress screening
    May 9 10:30am (all ages, children to be accompanied) Put on your royal fancy dress and celebrate the opening of Little threads: children's clothes from Asia with a screening of A little princess (1995, G, 97 mins).
    Venue: Small Theatre
    Price : $10 members, $15 guests (prices for children and adults)
  5. James Turrell | Members Breakfast on the rise
    May 21 6:45am Start the day watching the sunrise from within James Turrell's sculpture Within without, followed by a hot breakfast in the Members Lounge.
    Venue: Australian Gardens
    Price : $45 members, $55 guests
  6. | Members Members book club
    May 27 10:30am The book club provides an opportunity to engage with literary themes around art. This season's book is Spiral Jetta: a road trip through the land art of the American west by Erin Hogan.
    Venue: Book shop
    Price : $15 members, $18 guests