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  1. Permanent collection | talks Desire lines: the prints of Hertha Kluge-Pott
    May 1 12:45 pm Victoria Perin, Gordon Darling, graduate intern, speaks about Australian artist, Hertha Kluge-Pott.
    Venue: Australian Galleries
    Price : Free
  2. Permanent collection | screenings Light moves: contemporary Australian video art
    May 18 2:00 pm Video art from the collection. This month's theme: the 1970's. More info
    Venue: Focus Gallery
    Price : Free
  3. Permanent collection | talks Reconciliation Week talk
    May 31 2:00 pm Mr Frank Young, senior law man and Chairperson of Tjala Arts (Amata Community, APY lands) discusses Anangu creative priorities within the Australian arts industry.
    Venue: ATSI Gallery
    Price : Free