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  1. Garden of the East | children Tales for the very young
    May 1 10:30 am Ages 3 - 5, to be accompanied Margie Kevin, Gallery educator, leads an interactive story- based experience within the Garden of the East exhibition.
    Venue: Meet in main foyer
    Price : $7, $5 child members. Bookings essential
  2. Permanent collection | children stART with art
    May 9 10:30 am Ages 3 - 5, to be accompanied Enjoy creative art activities inspired by our national collection with an option to join an interactive art tour, and then come together for an art-inspired live music concert.
    Venue: Meet in main foyer
    Price : $12 child, $10 child members (includes materials) free for accompanying adults. Bookings essential
  3. Permanent collection | children A.S.I. Art Scene Investigation
    May 17 2:00 pm Ages 8 - 12 Join Detective Inspector Cleverpants and Officer Angelheart for a repeat of the Hanging Man episode of the mystery game adventure tour. For children who like to be creative, solve mysteries and find out cool stuff.
    Venue: Meet in main foyer
    Price : $12, $10 child members (incl morn tea). Bookings essential
  4. Permanent collection | children A little look at art
    May 21 10:00 am Ages 0 - 1 and parents/carers Join a voluntary guide for an informal tour of the Gallery for parents and babies. Followed by coffee and muffins.
    Venue: meet in main foyer
    Price : $12, $10 members /concession. Bookings essential