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  1. The story of Rama | Screenings Sita sings the blues
    Jun 14 12:30pm (DVD, 2008, unrated, 81 min) Three hilarious shadow puppets narrate both the ancient tragedy and the modern comedy in this beautifully animated interpretation of the Indian epic Ramayana. Introduced by Dr McComas Taylor, ANU College of Asia & the Pacific.
    Venue: James O Fairfax Theatre
    Price : Free
  2. Ramayana | Talks & Lectures Ramayana: myths and realities
    Jul 2 12:45pm Dr Richard Barz, retired lecturer, ANU College of Asia & the Pacific, discusses the Ramayana story that impacted on political and religious development of societies across South & Southeast Asia. Exhibition info
    Venue: Orde Poynton Gallery
    Price : Free
  3. The story of Rama | Talks & Lectures Three hundred Ramayanas or more?
    Jul 15 6:00pm Dr McComas Taylor, Associate Professor, ANU College of Asia & the Pacific examines the literary tradition of the Ramayana and how the epic retains its relevance and vitality through a process of appropriation. Exhibition
    Venue: James O Fairfax Theatre
    Price : Free
  4. Myth and Magic | Members Art after hours
    Aug 20 10:15am Finish the day with Crispin Howarth, Curator Pacific Arts, for a glass of wine in the members lounge followed by a guided tour of Myth + magic: art of the Sepik River, Papua New Guinea.
    Venue: meet at information desk
    Price : $25 members, $35 guests