Make a card to give to a friend.
First of all click on a card to choose and download it. Then print that card. All the cards are in Adobe Acrobat format. Download Acrobat

  You can choose.
Download Dress a Dog
Decorate this Dog. Does he need a collar? Does he need a bone? Or is he at the beach? You decide and draw the things you think the dog would like. Don't forget to give him a name.

Download Tiny's Kennel
This is Tiny's kennel. But where is Tiny? What does he look like? You can draw a picture of Tiny and paint his kennel.

  Download Blank card you can draw any doggy thing you can imagine.

How to make your dog card

Step 1.
Fold your card in half from top to bottom with the picture area on the outside.

Step 2.
Fold your card in half again, so that the picture stays on the outside, and the words go on the inside.

Step 3.
You can now draw your picture of Tiny in his kennel, colour our dog card or invent a whole new card with crayons or felt tip pens and give it to a friend. Don't forget to write a message or dog story inside.