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Left: William Strutt 'Cultivating an Acquaintance' 1889 Painting, Oil on Canvas
Right: William Strutt 'A Warm Response' 1889 Painting, Oil on Canvas
Give the puppy a name.
Where do you think the puppy is?
Why did the Lobster bite the puppy?
What do you think happens next?
DOG Storyboard


Shahid, 11
San Francisco


There once was a puppy called Buddy. Evrey body called him Bud for short. He ran into a Great Dan he ran all the way to the beaach. He went into the water for fun , but when he stuck his noes in the water. Ouch! A lobster bit he's black little noes. He went home a differint way and never went near that Great Dan AGINE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley, 9


Onse apon a time there lived a puppy.Hes name was Rex.Yesterday I went walking with my dog and there was a police dog. [Germen Sheperd] He ran in too a fish market.I went chasing after him.Rex had found a droped lobster he was eating it til it bit him.He was yalping and crying and it was pouring with BLOOD the owner heard him yalping and crying but he could not see Rex.Rex limped home becouse the lobster bit him. THE END

Clay, 10

This lovely little dog is named Nutty. He is very hungry so he went looking for some food. He walked into an old, dirty room with a table in it piled with seafood and equipment. He suddenly spotted a lobster. He began attacking it, so he could eat it. But poor Nutty got bitten on his paw by the lobster because it was angry he was attacking him. Nutty quickly ran out of the room, back to his usual home, in the town's local dump, and he went searching for food amongst the rubbish.

Beatrix, 9
Christchurch, NZ


One day on the farm I went to feed the cicks chickens and the noisy thing the rooster to but he sneeked along one becouse he new something fishy was going on.

Clay, 9


One day I lost my dog Roudy.We looked for him everywere but we didn't found him.I was so sad. I looked everywere!!!After two weeks my mother sent me to the fish-market.When I got inside the store I saw a white puppy with a black tail. What a happiness!!!It was Roudy!!!
But how terrible.He was injured!Roudy tried to play with the lobster and the lobster bited him.
I dont think that Roudy will play with lobsters othertimes.I took him from the fish market and I went him to the veterinary-surgeon.

Zacharoula, 10


One day our dog ran away. We looked for him every where. We finaly found our dog Cucumba at the beach. He was crying because a lobster bit him, the lobster bit him because he was hungry.

Alexandra, 9


One day when I got back from school, I suddenly noticed my pet dog Lucky was missing. I went to tell Mum, but she just said that he would be OK because his name was Lucky. That just made me feel worse. I went to tell Dad, but he said the same thing.

So I decided to go and look for him myself. I looked for him in the garden, but he wasn't there, so I looked in the paddocks where Mum and I had taken him for his walks. Then I went into the back yard to let the other dogs out of their kennels to look for him. I thought they might be able to help me find him, but I couldn't even find him with the other dog's help.

So I gave up and put the other dogs back in their kennels, it was getting dark anyway. I had my dinner and went to bed. In the middle of the night I heard something scratching on my bedroom door. I got up and turned on the light, and what did I see? I saw Lucky! I let him into my bedroom and I hugged him and I patted him.
I love my dog Lucky, he's the best!!

Alice, 7



Rusty the puppy found a lobster and he was hungry so he tried to get the lobster to some boiling water on his stove but the lobster(called Pinchy)said "Hey Rusty what do you think your doing,I don't want to get eaten!" But Rusty didn't listen to Pinchy so Pinchy decided to bite Rusty. Rusty started crying and ran to his mummy and the lobster escaped back to the sea where he lived happily ever after.

Amy, 11


My dog was walking along the path and he found a lobster.The lobster bit him.

Genevieve, 5


My dog 'myong myong yi' is very curious . one day he went to the sea market with me. There he found something that he never seen before. So he touched it very carefuly. Suddlenly he cried. What was that? It was a labster that has a sharp hands.

Jaerim, 8


My dog likes to swim and he catches fish to eat. When I whistle, he never obeys and he always goes the other way.

Grahm, 7


I have a dog named Henry.And every time I call him he always goes to you MOM.

Peyton, 5


"Ooh look at this" said little bow wow. "This lobster looks tasty" "Ow!!!" "You bit me! "You bit me!" he cried. "I'll never go near a lobster again!" '"hahaha" cried the lobster. "Serves you right for coming near me hehe"

Jennifer, 4


"ok lets go camping" yelled dad "can we bring jumpy our dog?" i yelled. "Yeah ok" we were at the camping site. "Lets put up the tent" yelled mum. "Oooooooooooooo" yelled jumpy he got to close to the river a lobster has bitten him on the nose." hahahahaha hehehehe" yelled the lobster.

Ebony, 4


"help help i'm dying" yelled the lobster. hahahhahahahahhahahahahashahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha yelled the dog

Jenn, 52


Once apon time there was a dog could spoty. He was a lovely dog but one day he ran away into a Chines shop. There they had some live lobsters and one of them bit his leg and that was the story of Spoty.

Sarah and Sam, 11 and 10


One day a little dog was hunting for some food
it found a scorpio and started chewing it draged it all the way to chinese shop then came along a
nother dogand said leave it alone

Rhiannon, 11


One day this cute little puppy was really hungry so he snuke through the back door of the village delly.He could smell the mouth watering smell of Lobster. But when he got to close he got bittin by one of the Lobsters terrieble claws!

Tatum & Rach, Both 11


Well, you see the puppy is only small and not very clever and when he saw the lobster he thought I might be able to make a friend, so he tried to lick the lobster as if to say hello I like you but little did he know that the lobster would shake his hand in such a funny way that it made him toss back his head and bark with laughter!!!

Ho, 36


I had a pet dog called Tops. He was mainly brown in colour.

Jodie, 27


My dog started off as a long piece of wire. After a couple of art lessons my dog was completed. I had alot of trouble curving and twisting the wire espically with the face. The rest of the body was easy to shape. My dog is a border collie. I have named him spike.After I had finished my dog I got a piece of wood and painted it like a grass effect.Then I attached my dog to the piece of wood.

Rachelle, 13


One day Taz was going for a walk and seen a fish store on a dock. He seen a lobster and went to sniff it and the lobster bit his paw the dog yelped and ran into a ally and started to take care of his bleeding paw. A lady was walking by and seen Taz she took him to the vet and had him fixed up.

Brittney, 12


One day Scrappy was walking to go fishing when he got bit by A lobster. The End!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley, 12


ones there was a puppy who livedat the docks. he love to swim in the ocean. one day he was walking past a barrel full of lobsters. then one jumped out. and pinched him on is nose. and after that they resled a little bit. then they became best friends. the end

alex, 9


One day i was walking to the shop.The dogs followed me to the shop.They were stupud all the time.So i went home my dogs followed.

Georgina Preston, 10

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