World of Dreamings
Traditional and modern art of Australia

An exhibition held at the State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg | 2 February - 9 April 2000

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  • Dr Brian Kennedy, Director, National Gallery of Australia
Chapter 1
  • An introduction to Aboriginal art by Susan Jenkins and Carly Lane
Chapter 2A | B
  • The Aboriginal Memorial We have survived, by Djon Mundine
  • The Aboriginal Memorial 1987-88 A description
Chapter 3
  • John Mawurndjul The resonating land by Luke Taylor
Chapter 4
  • All the world The paintings of Nym Bandak by Kim Barber
Chapter 5
  • 'Who's that bugger who paints like me?' Rover Thomas by Wally Caruana
Chapter 6
  • The enigma of Emily Kngwarray by Jenny Green
Chapter 7
  • High art and religious intensity. A brief history of Wik sculpture by Peter Sutton
Chapter 8
  • Laced flour and tin boxes The art of Fiona Foley by Avril Quaill
Chapter 9
  • The memory theatre of Tracey Moffat by Gael Newton

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It is customary in Aboriginal communities not to mention the name or reproduce the photographs of the recently deceased. All such mentions and photographs in this catalogue have been reproduced with the express permission of the appropriate authorities and family members. Nonetheless care and discretion should be exercised in using this book within Aboriginal communities.


The copyright on all the works of art shown belongs to the relevant artists, their kin and descendants. Copyright of texts is held by the authors and the National Gallery of Australia. Copyright of photographic images is held by individual photographers or the National Gallery of Australia.

This catalogue is produced on the occasion of the exhibition Contemporary Australian Aboriginal Art in Modern Worlds, organised by the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, at the State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg.

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