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Art and the theatre of life

This room includes works by Richard Larter from 1967 until 1978. There are clear links between works across the decade – exemplified in the dense pattern-making in both abstract and figurative works and in the bold, graphic depictions of a range of personae. Larter’s works of the period include famous and unknown faces and figures: people on the street, models, musicians, politicians and women at the hairdressers among them.

Larter’s paintings of the 1970s are often like giant collages. Collage was an integral to Pat and Richard Larter’s home environment at Luddenham in New South Wales. The kitchen was papered floor to ceiling (including the ceiling!) with a massive collage of cuttings from a whole range of sources, including contemporary magazines. The idea of inhabiting this collaged environment along with the artist’s densely pasted collage books directly informed his paintings that can be seen to characterise the mood and energy of an era.