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A room for Pat

The portraits in this room reveal Richard Larter’s obsession with the love of his life, Pat Larter (née Holmes). Pat was her husband’s favourite muse, model and collaborator and one of the most painted, drawn, photographed and filmed artist-partners in the history of art. Mother of their five children, she was also an artist in her own right.

Essentially a humanist, Pat shared Richard’s view that sexuality is a normal part of life. Her attitudes were manifested in her own art and in her performative poses and collaborations with her husband. She recognised the power of certain explicit poses to shock and enjoyed sending up stereotypes – acting up and presenting herself as a provocative, confident woman in control.

Richard’s portraits of Pat convey great vitality, tenderness and joy, as well as the passage of time from youth and maturity. An overview of Pat and Richard Larter’s forty-three years together reveals a dynamic exchange of ideas resulting in one of the liveliest and most productive art partnerships in Australia.