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Endless radiance

The works in this gallery form part of the exhibition Richard Larter: a retrospective. Richard Larter has painted many vibrant and lyrical non-figurative works over the years that are a significant aspect of his contribution to Australian art.

In this room works on the far wall, Cal-jo shift and Molehoppers shift, were inspired by music and flickering city lights. Others like Binary no.2and Binary no.3 recall the works of Sonia Delaunay known in part for her colourful radiating forms. All the works convey Larter’s inventive engagement with painting and his abilities as a colourist.

From his early days as an artist Larter enjoyed experimenting with unusual equipment to create his paintings. In these later works he adopts house-painting tools from the hardware store including rollers, edgers, trimmers and sliders that he uses to apply paint with considerable dexterity.

The multi-panelled painting Side thrust is a major work that reveals Larter’s emotional response to the environment. He reminds us that nature isn’t static but in continual flux. The animated rainbow forms move rhythmically across the landscape; their multiplicity and luminous colour suggesting infinite radiance.