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Recurrence and revitalisation

From the 1960s to the present, Richard Larter has drawn, painted, screen-printed and photographed images of the female nude. This room provides a ‘snapshot’ of past and present. It includes a rare, witty self portrait in which the pin-up is former prime minister Robert Menzies. In this painting (that is also a bit like a drawing) the artist looks uneasy next to Menzies, shielding his gaze from the sensual small image below. By contrast Larter’s works focusing on the female form embody a sense of ease and vitality.

This feeling comes through in Larter’s engaging, playful and provocative drawings, in iconic images of Marilyn Monroe and in his more recent paintings of models. Before his wife Pat Larter died in 1996, they both worked with models in making their art. They enjoyed working in a collaborative way with the women (and in Pat’s case also with men), often taking many photographs that would form the basis for finished works.

After Pat’s untimely death from cancer, Richard has continued to paint and re-create images of her, for himself and for his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.