DETAIL: John CONSTABLE,  Great Britain 1776 � 1837  'Harwich Lighthouse' c.1820 oil on canvas Tate, London, gift of Maria Louisa Constable, Isabel Constable and Lionel Bicknell Constable in 1888 Tate, London 2005
John CONSTABLE | Yarmouth, Norfolk

CONSTABLE, John, Artist
Great Britain 1776 – 1837
LUCAS, David, Printer
Great Britain 1802 – 1881
Yarmouth, Norfolk
[Yarmouth Pier, Norfolk. Morning Breeze; Yarmouth Pier, Norfolk. Morning]

Various subjects of Landscape, characteristic of English Scenery, from Pictures Painted by John Constable R.A. Engraved by David Lucas c.1830-32
(page) 29.0 (h) x 42.0 (w) cm
(plate) 19.2 (h) x 25.4 (w) cm
(comp) 14.0 (h) x 22.0 (w) cm
The Poynton Bequest 2004
NGA 2004.338.10

In his three oil paintings of Yarmouth Jetty 1822, 1823 (two of which are in private collections and a third version is in the Tate, London), Constable depicted the beach and the long wooden pier of Yarmouth, with a choppy sea under a cloudy, showery sky. He showed boats out to sea, with sails spread, and a horse and cart beside the beached boat in the foreground. None of the paintings include the two women who appear in the print standing on the beach. The sky Constable used in the Yarmouth paintings was similar to that of Harwich Lighthouse c.1820  ,  of which he also painted several versions.

Constable received his first proof of this mezzotint in September 1830  or 1831 (Shirley, p. 177, Beckett IV, p. 353). It was not published, however, until the final part of English Landscape in 1832. During the proofing  the pier and the boats were worked on, the anchor in the foreground,  the women on the beach and four birds were added, the sky was softened and highlights added to the sea. As a result the contrast of light and dark was emphasised.

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