DETAIL: Grace COSSINGTON SMITH,  'Interior in yellow', 1964, oil on composition board, National Gallery of Australia
Grace COSSINGTON SMITH | Enid on the sofa

Australia 1892 – Australia 1984
UK, Europe 1912-14; UK, Italy 1949-51
Enid on the sofa 1957
oil on hardboard
90.0 (h) x 120.5 (w) cm
Private collection
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Cossington Smith’s daring painting of Enid Cambridge is a portrait of a long-held friendship. Rather than attempting to depict her friend’s features, she conveys her in flamboyant dress, relaxed in an interior world. At the time of Cambridge’s death in 1976, Cossington Smith wrote: ‘Everyone loved Enid. She is my dearest art friend … A special quality of Enid’s is a devoted religious Faith which shone through all her perplexities and difficulties and never left her … Enid is a shining Personality.’ (National Gallery of Australia research library)

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