DETAIL: Grace COSSINGTON SMITH,  'Interior in yellow', 1964, oil on composition board, National Gallery of Australia
Grace COSSINGTON SMITH | Landscape at Pentecost

Australia 1892 – Australia 1984
UK, Europe 1912-14; UK, Italy 1949-51
Landscape at Pentecost 1929
oil on paperboard
83.7 (h) x 111.8 (w) cm
Art Gallery of South Australia South Australian Government Grant 1981
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Landscape at Pentecost is one of Cossington Smith’s most significant landscape paintings that suggests the artist’s feeling for Australia as an ancient land. As she said: ‘It’s one of the oldest continents. There’s a sort of wisdom about it, as though it knew much more than other countries … And I don’t think we are doing as much as we should to preserve our country. I don’t think we appreciate it nearly enough’. (Interview with Alan Roberts, 1970)

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