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This retrospective recognises the work of Richard Larter, one of Australia’s most engaging artists. The exhibition includes works from the late 1950s through to the present. It conveys several key themes in the artist’s oeuvre including an ongoing interest in the human body, sexuality, popular culture, politics and opposition to censorship. It reveals Larter’s abiding interest in abstraction and figuration, often in the same works.

The exhibition is being shown on two levels. A linking aspect in works across the exhibition is the artist’s passion for his late wife Pat – his artistic collaborator and an artist in her own right – who he married in 1953 and who died in 1996. In the Project Gallery upstairs is a room devoted to his portraits of her. Other rooms focus on non-figurative paintings that reveal his mastery of patterning and interest in music, science and the natural environment.

This retrospective confirms Larter’s reputation as one of Australia’s most audacious artists, capable of conveying a feeling for ‘the theatre of life’ as well as a technical innovator and remarkable colourist.