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A political minefield

The late 1960s and 1970s was a time of political ferment when a range of ideas about the nature of society was being fiercely debated around the world. It was the time of the Vietnam War, university sit-ins, the assassination of Martin Luther King, Prague Spring and the Paris uprising of May 1968.

In Richard Larter’s painting First hand panorama way 1970 he invokes the suffering of children in images and words in what amounts to a heartfelt cry at the inhumane effects of war. Like Homage to Paris this painting was directly informed by media images of the day.

During the 1970s Larter’s approach changed from pictorial reportage to painted collages emphasising the absurdity of war. Having undertaken national service during the Second World War, he highlights the hypocrisy of societies that are prepared to tolerate graphic images of violence but profess indignation about images of the human body.