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Into landscape

For many years Richard Larter has been inspired by paintings of the natural environment. The earliest work in this room, My lilies, pays homage to Claude Monet’s paintings of waterlilies that enchanted him when he first saw them in Paris as a young artist.

After moving to Yass in country New South Wales in 1982, Larter became attuned to painting the local landscape including his impressions on train journeys from Yass to Sydney. The idea of views seen through windows in vibrant works such as Outlook also conveys his love of the works of Henri Matisse and Pierre Bonnard whose luminous colour he greatly admired.

In recent years since moving to Canberra, Larter has depicted the natural environment as bright and buzzing as a joyous spring day and under threat, as in the local bushfires of 2003. Larter’s later paintings of the fires depict dark plumes of smoke as well as the aftermath when smoke drifted across a pale sky above the low-set rolling landscape. The subtle notations have such an ephemeral feeling that they almost seem to have been breathed onto the canvas.