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Encountering Richard Larter’s vibrant work it is hard to believe that he has turned 79 this year. His art seems to be that of an eternally young man. Yet he has painted exuberantly well and prolifically for over half a century. It is therefore high time that this major Australian artist had a full retrospective in a major institution.

In the 1960s and 70s Larter’s colourful and sexy work seemed part of Australia’s sexual liberation and pop culture. As time has gone by, the emotive and technical range of his inventiveness has become increasingly apparent; from striking, energetic works relating to the human figure through to radiant, subtle abstractions and works relating to the natural world (shown on this level of the gallery).

While he has experimented across a range of media Larter’s artistic reputation rests firmly on his abilities as a painter. Across a spectrum of his paintings one can also acknowledge that he is one of Australia’s great colourists. In 2008 Larter continues to make art with considerable passion and commitment.