DETAIL : Sean SCULLY Ireland 1945  Robe figure, 2003 2003 Painting oil on canvas
Sean SCULLY | Small Barcelona grey wall of light

Ireland 1945
to Great Britain 1949, to United States of America 1975
Small Barcelona grey wall of light 2000
oil on linen
canvas 60.0 (h) x 81.0 (w) cm
Private collection
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The other thing I think about a lot when I paint, is the brutality of reality. The fact that we are physical. And my paintings begin with that premise or they obey the human condition that we’re physical — we’re physical, but we don’t want to be. We want to be spiritual. Or we want to be both. Or any combination thereof … So, in my paintings I tried to make them both. And the fact that they’re painted with thick paint is acknowledging the fact that they’re made with stuff. And the materiality has a lot to do with this idea of skin.

Sean Scully, interview with Hans-Michael Herzog, ‘The beauty of the real’,
Sean Scully (exhibition catalogue), Milan: Charta, 1996, pp. 55–131 (p. 79).

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