Matthew Harding, Phyllotaxis 2002-2003, spun mirror-polished stainless steel (Detail)
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The Artists  
Geoffrey BARTLETT  
Peter D COLE  
Matthew CURTIS  
Roselin EATON  
Matthew HARDING  
Linde IVIMEY | Wrk 1 | Wrk 2  
David JENSZ  
Andrew LESLIE  
Noel McKENNA  
Lisa ROET  
Julie RRAP  
Richard Tipping  
Arthur WICKS  
   The judges :

Julian Beaumont
Chairman, Macquarie Bank Art Committee

Julian Beaumont is the Chairman of the Macquarie Bank Art Collection. Mr Beaumont spent twenty-five years with Macquarie Bank and was Head of its Operations Group until 1996. He is currently Chairman of several toll road companies in Sydney associated with Macquarie interests. He is Vice Chairman of St Luke’s Hospital in Sydney and of a number of commercial enterprises. He also works as a development consultant to Accenture, involved in their senior educational program. Mr Beaumont has had a long association with the arts in Australia. He began the Macquarie Bank Art Collection in 1985 and has remained its Chairman ever since, building on the collection and securing its reputation as one of the country’s foremost compilations of contemporary Australian landscape. In 1996 Mr Beaumont became Chairman of the Foundation for the Historic Houses Trust of New South Wales, a position he held for about five years. Also in 1996 he was appointed to the founding Advisory Board of the National Art School, which has recently been awarded its Masters and Honours accreditation in Fine Arts. He has been active in the formation of the Foundation for that institution, and remains actively involved in its activities and objectives.

Once again I am very moved by the depth of sculptural talent in Australia. The variety of medium, composition and interpretation has been extraordinary, and I was quite as impressed with the numerous new entries as I was with those for the first National Sculpture Prize and Exhibition. In fact if anything the 2003 Prize underlines the point even more, as there have been so many new entrants, in addition to the many who entered in 200—how many more talented sculptors can there be out there? Selecting the finalists from among all their peers has been exciting but has again proved an extremely difficult task. There is not a perfect formula to such a brief, and it has been a real wrench to reject so many wonderful works, simply because there is a limit to the number of sculptors exhibited, and from those only one winner. So I want to congratulate not only the finalists in this exhibition, but also all those who responded with an entry. The finalists represent a vibrant cross-section of Australian sculptural practice and it is again very exciting to see the diversity and depth in this sector of the visual arts in this country.
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