Matthew Harding, Phyllotaxis 2002-2003, spun mirror-polished stainless steel (Detail)
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Glen CLARKE | Stemcell research site objects

Australia 1954
Stemcell research site objects 2002
wooden spring clothes pegs, wooden rulers
68 (h) x 210 (w) x 68 (d) cm
122 (h) x 122 (w) x 15 (d) cm
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As a kid Eric discovered his space via three-dimensional experiments in his backyard. He would jump off the shed roof with a beach umbrella. (The shed roof was huge in those days). He would draw lines with his mum’s wool (12 ply Paton), connecting all the elements in the backyard. Plotting and navigating the distance between fences, garden beds, footpaths, etc. “The distance between the grapevine trellis and the outhouse door is the same as between the chook shed and the fly-wire door”, he once told me.

Extract from Glen Clarke, Reductio ad Absurdum, 1994.
For a long time I have been making work in the belief that;
‘The correct distance between objects’
is critical, whether the distance is physical, cultural or emotional.
‘Two objects too close to each other become one,
Two objects too far apart no longer relate to each other’.

Stemcell research site objects is a work that hopes to play with pure form. I am continually discovering beautiful materials and fantastic objects on the backs of trucks and in the corners of building sites. With an enthusiastic belief in a type of spontaneous or intuitive Feng Shui or Golden Mean, I have for a very long time ignored composition and instead have been conducting experiments with chance relationships and spatial configurations. I record accidental compositions wherever they occur, like an overflowing St Vinnies clothing bin or a random pile of bricks. A disused petrol station with a few old tyres, a car bonnet, some planks and the odd pipe has now become a skateboard park.

Stemcell research site objects is an attempt to understand a concept that is alien to me. I read about stemcell research in the newspapers and hear about it on TV. Without computer-simulated graphics, how do we visualise something we know nothing about?

With its genetically modified components, Stemcell research site objects is an experiment utilising the notion of ‘the correct distance between objects’, and also, the use of emotive replacements parts/materials for a set of particular transgenic site objects or images. A relationship is sought between the substitution of arteries with poly-pipes and a brick pallet as a DNA platform or petri dish of apparatus for measurement.

Is this the site of a Sculptors Stemcell Research Facility?

Glen Clarke, December 2002

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