DETAIL: Fred FISHER 'Tilt' 2005, MDF synthetic polymer paint
Damiano BERTOLI | Continuous moment

BERTOLI, Damiano
Australia 1969
Continuous moment 2003-05
PVC, wood, plaster, resin, light globes, medium density foam, electrical cables, MDF, oil on canvas
1st element 250.0 (h) x 400.0 (w) x 500.0 (d) cm
2nd element 51.0 (h) x 77.0 (w) cm
VIEW: Artist's Statement |

Continuous moment is an interpretation of Caspar David Friedrich’s Das eismeer [The sea of ice] 1823–24, informed by the fusion of seemingly disparate aesthetic moments: the Baroque/Romantic movement, Minimalism and do-it-yourself home renovation. Friedrich’s narrative of exploration and human tragedy is replaced by the residue of construction and creative enterprise. By recreating this image as an object influenced by the methodologies of late modernist sculpture, and by resembling an accumulation of discarded materials from a building site, the work treats Friedrich’s landscape as speculative; a fluid and extendable idea. This activity describes the idea that an artwork can be unfinished and indeterminate, always in the process of becoming, and that these qualities are inherent and observable in the work. Continuous moment is a result of time travel: the way art history retains a contemporary relevance in the studio, and what can result from collaborating with certain moments from the past.

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