DETAIL: Fred FISHER 'Tilt' 2005, MDF synthetic polymer paint
Paul PROCEE | Untitled

the Netherlands 1957
Australia from 1967
Untitled 2005
fabricated lead
Handbag 33.0 (h) x 15.0 (w) x 8.0 (d) cm
Shoes (male) 10.0 (h) x 10.0 (w) x 28.0 (d) cm
Shoes (female) 8.0 (h) x 10.0 (w) x 27.0 (d) cm
Courtesy of Eva Breuer Art Dealer (paintings)
VIEW: Artist's Statement |

For those who forged ahead and spiked the day, marching ever onwards, I have presented two pairs of lead shoes, both male and female, with a matching handbag; accessories, subtle in their shading and dull sheen, shaped in lead, a wonderful metal. Whether preserving the putrid remnants of the deceased or providing us with possibilities beyond the banal, lead carries with it certain responsibilities, for it has a duplicitous nature, as many an alchemist has told us in years gone by.

I am sure that as you read this excerpt many adults, alike in too many places to mention, will be looking at their shoes, both new and old, with the same bewitching and beguiling affect that will, I am sure, see them through their adult lives and beyond.

Photography: Swell Media
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