DETAIL: Mary MARABAMBA Fish trap No 27 #3017-01 2001 jungle vine, bush string Purchased 2002

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The work of a number of artists in Tactility has ensured a regeneration of traditional practices within their communities and/or remarkable adaptation utilising introduced materials to represent traditional stories in contemporary forms. Examples include Ellen Trevorrow’s fish scoop and Kerry Giles/Kerwingie’s fabric length (both Ngarrindjeri artists from the Riverland in South Australia); Eva Richardson’s Kelp water carrier 2001; Corrie Fullard’s traditional shell necklaces; Lennah Newson’s traditional river-reed baskets; and Ken Thaiday Snr and James Eseli’s Torres Strait Islander dance masks and headdresses which portray ancestral totems and historical events from the Second World War. Thaiday’s Beizam (shark) dance mask 1991 is a link across generations to the Gallery’s nineteenth-century Murray Island/Mer stone shark, emphasising the innovative continuity of Indigenous cultural practice.

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