DETAIL: Mary MARABAMBA Fish trap No 27 #3017-01 2001 jungle vine, bush string Purchased 2002
  | Wunda [shield]

[Shield, engraved with zigzag design Shield with snake design]
pre 1940
natural pigments on wood
73.0 (h) x 14.0 (w) x 4.5 (d) cm
not signed, not dated
Purchased 1990
NGA 1990.1804

 ‘The Wunda (woonda) is a flat or slightly curved shield or oblong shape, with a raised grip or handle and made of wood of medium density. The name Wunda is said by linguist and anthropologist C. G. von Brandenstein (1992: 224) to be derived from the Paljgu word ‘wurnda’ the name of an unidentified wood also used to make these shields.’

(Kim Akerman ‘The Wunda Shields of Western Australia’, ART tribal, Musée Barbier-Mueller, Geneva Bulletin, 1992)

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