Family Activity Room

About the room

  • Open throughout duration of exhibition
  • 10 am – 5 pm Mon-Sun including public holidays

The Turner from the Tate: The Making of a Master Family Activity Room has been designed to reflect the effects of light and colour central to Turner’s practice as an artist. The room suggests the deck of a boat and the freshness of the outdoors. Turner frequently painted sunrise or sunset when the colour effects of the sun are at their most dramatic. A panoramic projection inspired by Turner’s sea and landscapes connect the paintings to the natural world and provide inspiration for visitors to create their own work. Large rectangles of clear Perspex frame two different painted scenes, introducing visitors to ideas of selecting and composing a view. An iPad app invites further interaction with the possibilities of watercolour.

Pre-booking is not possible. If the room is full, staff may request a family returns in 10 minutes.

  • Free of charge upon entry to exhibition.
  • Entry via Room 4 of the exhibition.
  • A children’s audio tour and exhibition trail are also available
  • View childrens events


The activities

Visitors to the Family Activity Room will have the opportunity to create land and seascapes using a variety of media. Water based crayons and aqua brushes replicate aspects of watercolour painting which can be displayed in a variety of gilt frames placed to replicate a salon style exhibition display in the 19th century. Coloured transparent vinyl layered onto clear Perspex panels mounted over a painted sea and landscape explore colour mixing and the effects of different horizon lines on composition. A small wooden boat flooded with a range of interactive coloured lighting effects invite visitors to become part of an atmospheric installation. An iPad App allows visitors to explore the possibilities of watercolour painting and to email their work to friends and family worldwide from the NGA Turner Family Activity Room. Located within the exhibition, the room has educational activities for children aged 3 – 12 and their families.