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Yathalamarra is a permanent waterhole inland from the Arafura coast and west of the Glyde River and is Malangi’s mother’s Yirritja moiety Balmbi clan land. This is where he spent most of the last decades of his life, and is the location of his burial site.

The waterhole is horseshoe-shaped, surrounded by trees and grasses and inhabited by abundant freshwater life.

As a senior man of the opposite Dhuwamoiety, Malangi was djunggayi [cultural manager] of Balmbi country and its associated ceremonies and artistic traditions. From here he would continue to paint his Dhuwa moiety Ancestral narratives of the Glyde River and developed a repertoire of paintings to represent the culturally rich Ancestral lands of the Balmbi, focusing on Yathalamarra and its nearby surroundings.

Malangi’s accomplishments as an artist and associated ritual standing were significant by the late 1980s. These works are distinctive for his use of black and their expansive horizontal picture planes. The columnar structure within the picture presents an inventory of the landscape with its Ancestral foundations.

The important Ancestors in the Yathalamarra creation story are: Burala the Darter, the two Ancestral waterlily women [Bundul and Biyay’ngu] and Wulawarri, the Catfish who is associated with Djalumbu [the Hollow Log]. The Ancestor Murayana is related to Balmbi country nearby.

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