The importance of place, memory, recollection and reconnection is explored by Julie Gough, Lindsay Harris and Jonathan Jones. These artists create works that culturally relate to a specific region of Australia; they locate themselves, unpack and reconstruct their identity through an exploration of their past.

Gough interrogates archival documents in an attempt to understand the historical process of isolation, segregation and dispossession of Aboriginal people in Tasmania. By focusing on stories that were locked away in government records, she informs the viewer of the unspoken and hidden histories of Indigenous and non-Indigenous relations.

Harris uses natural earth pigments and resins from his Country to capture the patterns and designs inherent in the land. His paintings stand as a testament to past histories around the small township of Kwolyin in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia.

Jones’s illuminated installation prompts us to consider the value of home—a place of connectedness, protection and development. This work reminds us of the relationships that are formed in these intimate environments.