Modern Australian Women
Paintings and prints 1925–1945
13 July – 26 August 2001
An Art Gallery of South Australia Travelling Exhibition

Detail: Thea Proctor The rose c.1928 woodcut, hand-coloured with gouache, Art Gallery of South Australia, South Australian Grant

Modern Australian Women focuses on the outstanding work by Australia's great women artists of the modernist period. These superlative works, exploring form and colour in ways previously not attempted, reflect the challenging thinking of the time and leadership demonstrated by painters such as Clarice Beckett, Dorrit Black, Lina Bryans, Grace Crowley, Joy Hester, Kathleen O'Connor, Margaret Preston, Thea Proctor and Grace Cossington Smith. In their works, many of these women conveyed a modernist aesthetic link to the Australian landscape, its cities and people.

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