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Back home Theme: Patriotic Duty

Artist: Sali HERMAN
Birth/Death: 1898–1993

Title: Back home

Credit Line: Australian War Memorial, Canberra

At last a safe harbour.

The artist Sali Herman recalled the scene of soldiers disembarking from a ship at the end of the Second World War.

‘This was the moment most men were dreaming of and looking forward to. Even the docks and their background were a sweet sight when coming home. Although civilians could not come on the boat I saw one young woman running up to her soldier husband. Sitting on the side was an infirm soldier, while the other men were walking through a passage to go on buses.’

Sali Herman’s painting Back home revealed a personal understanding of the joy and exhaustion associated with returning from the war. Herman had served in the Australian Army in Bougainville and New Britain. He became an official war artist in 1945 and was discharged in 1946.

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