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Jug; commemorating Australian Federation Theme: Beginnings

Artist: DOULTON & CO
Birth/Death: 1854

Title: Jug; commemorating Australian Federation

Credit Line: National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.

Doulton’s commemorative Federation jug with decoration designed by John Slater in 1900, depicts in miniature transfer-printed portraiture the key players on the grand stage of Federation: Queen Victoria, supported by an Australian Light-horseman and an Imperial Infantryman; Sir Henry Parkes; the Duke and Duchess of York (Prince George and Princess Mary); and the Governor-General, John Lewis, the Earl of Hopetoun.

A cartouche bears a quote from Joseph Chamberlain: ‘May the union between the colonies and the mother-land, now cemented by their blood, be for ever maintained.’

Doulton potteries in Britain found ready markets at home and in Australia for their mass-produced objects celebrating historic events. The inclusion of Australian flora and fauna adds a slightly exotic tone to the garlands of English roses.

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