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Joy Hester and Friends
1 September – 28 October 2001
All Joy Hester works are reproduced with permission of VISCOPY Ltd, Sydney 2001
This exhibition seeks to bring Joy Hester's remarkable contribution to Australian Art to the fore. Hester's art will be shown in relation to works by other artists who were in close contact with her in the 1940s and 1950s including Albert Tucker, Danila Vassilieff, Sidney Nolan, Arthur Boyd, Gray Smith, Mirka Mora and Charles Blackman. The show will also include photographs and other documentary material to reveal her friendships with John and Sunday Reed, Barbara Blackman, Barrett Reid and others.     In this way the exhibition will place Joy Hester's work in the context of the times in which she was working, to reveal the inter-connections as well as the idiosyncrasies of her extraordinary artistic output.
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From an incredible night dream
Artist: HESTER, Joy
Title: From an incredible night dream (From an Incredible Night Dream III)
Date Made: c. 1946-47
Media Category: Drawing
Medium: brush and ink
Dimensions: 35.8 cm x 24.0 cm
Accn No: 76.628
Article: The title refers to a drawing by Jean Cocteau ‘Night of December 30’, 1928, which Joy Hester would have seen in his book entitled Opium. Her neck strains upwards, her head thrown back, so that the forehead and hair become like a long horizon line. Tthe breasts extend to form the curving base of a triangle, echoed in the broadly sketched torso below. The protruding eye appears to gaze outwards to another plane of existence. This disturbing eye reappears in later works such as Girl with Hen of 1956
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