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11 October – 18 January 2004

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Ricky SWALLOW | Clockman | 1998
San Remo, Victoria, Australia 1974
Clockman 1998
Plastruct, plastic, letraset
9.4 X 4.6 X 2.5 cm

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Ricky Swallow is a Melbourne-based artist who has received international recognition in recent years. His best-known works are a series of models in which tiny people inhabit grey cityscapes no bigger than the portable record players that power their perpetually revolving dramas.

In Clockman, a tiny model man appears to dangle out of a clock — or is he himself the clock?
The clock is literally his face, hands and body. The scale of the figure generates a sense of being observed from a distance. When looking at Clockman, phrases such as ‘body clock’, ‘watching the clock’ or ‘every minute counts’ come to mind.

Answer the following question:

  • What does this work of art say about contemporary society?