Home Sweet Home
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11 October – 18 January 2004

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Noel McKENNA | Lost, Heathcliff | 2001
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 1956
Lost, Heathcliff 2001
watercolour with pen and ink over pencil on paper
57.4 X 38.0 cm

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Noel McKenna is a well-established Australian contemporary artist whose paintings of ordinary moments generate a sense of mystery and unresolved drama. In Lost, Heathcliff McKenna explores the ubiquitous lost-dog notice. This generates sympathy for the family’s loss and also conjures up Heathcliff’s own character and story.

Traditionally, a homemade notice would not be regarded as a worthy subject for a work of art, but McKenna’s watercolour reworks the humble photocopy giving the viewer an opportunity to consider its significant role in contemporary cultural life.

Answer the following question:

  • A number of the works of art in Home Sweet Home feature everyday signs and notices. What makes these subjects engaging?