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13 September – 8 March 2009  | Children’s Gallery

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The National Gallery of Australia is encouraging young visitors, through the Picture my world project, to comment and respond to works of art in the national collection. Please join the discussion by sending your comments or artistic responses on the work below to PictureMyWorld@nga.gov.au.



Howard Arkley Floral exterior 1996 synthetic polymer paint on canvas Collection of the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra © The Estate of Howard Arkley

Howard Arkley   Floral exterior   1996    synthetic polymer paint on canvas   National Gallery of Australia, Canberra    © The Estate of Howard Arkley  more detail

Floral exterior

It is a toy box. It is special because it has purple and purple and blue toys in it.
Aidan, 4 years old


They have pictures in the colours.
Caitlin, 4 years old


It looks like a house. It’s got a purple roof, blue windows and an orange chimney. It’s got some pink and a mail box and it looks like bubble gum on the floor.
Laura, 5 years old


My house just looks like white. It has red in between the cracks. The roof is a triangle. My home is good. I like it because we have a TV.
Charlie, 4 years old


I like the yellow and the lots of colour, also the green swirls.
Andy, 5 years old


I like the roof. It’s very, very high. It looks like my roof at home.
David, 4 years old






Children's responses