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13 September – 8 March 2009  | Children’s Gallery

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The National Gallery of Australia is encouraging young visitors, through the Picture my world project, to comment and respond to works of art in the national collection. Please join the discussion by sending your comments or artistic responses on the work below to PictureMyWorld@nga.gov.au.



Margaret Dodd Holden with lipstick surfboards 1977 glazed earthenware Collection of the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra © Margaret Dodd 

Margaret Dodd   Holden with lipstick surfboards   1977  glazed earthenware   National Gallery of Australia, Canberra © Margaret Dodd 

Holden with lipstick surfboards

It’s a purple car.  It has headlights.  It has padded things on top.
Maddison, 5 years old


It’s funny because the windows look all gooey. It looks like it has a surfboard on top. I like it.
Abby, 4 years old


We pack the boot with the luggage. We pack the car. We drive down the wiggly road and then we get to the beach house. When we get there we empty the car.
Zak, 4 years old


It's got two surfboards, a fish bone on the front of it, it's bent so it is old. Kasinda, 4 years old


It looked like an ice cream car because it had some detail that looked quite squashy.
Jonathan, 7 years old


It’s a car.  It’s purple, black, and red and has skateboards on top.  It’s going on a holiday.
Rachael, 5 years old


It looked very old. It looked like it was made out of papier mache.
Ella, 7 years old


I love it melting, I love the surfboards they are fun.
Georgia, 4 years old


A conversation between preschool children:

It looks like a van and a truck.
Ronan, 3 years old

Its got a snail on it on top of there, there is 2 tongues on the top.
Jessica, 3 years old

It’s not a snail, it’s a koala on the truck.
Lily, 3 years old

I think it’s made of ice-cream.
Caleb, 3 years old

No, it’s made of clay.
Ronan, 3 years old

I think they are surfboards on the top … no they are tongues.
Caleb, 3 years old

That’s a snail.
Ella, 3 years old

I think there is a little snail on there.
Amy, 3 years old

No it’s a goat … I will make a goat.
Ronan, 3 years old


Children's responses: