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13 September – 8 March 2009  | Children’s Gallery

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The National Gallery of Australia is encouraging young visitors, through the Picture my world project, to comment and respond to works of art in the national collection. Please join the discussion by sending your comments or artistic responses on the work below to PictureMyWorld@nga.gov.au.

N.B. This work is not on display in the Home at last exhibition.


Noel McKenna Lost, Heathcliff 2001 watercolour Collection of the National Gallery of Australia Gift of Peter Fay 2005 © Noel McKenna

Noel McKenna   Lost, Heathcliff   2001  watercolour   National Gallery of Australia, Canberra    Gift of Peter Fay 2005     © Noel McKenna  more detail

Lost, Heathcliff


At first it is sad to think that the dog is lost but because he looks like a nice dog whoever found him would know that he was special to his family so they would probably go to a lot of trouble to find his owners. He is probably microchipped too.

Daniel, 9 years

I feel sad for this dog because it is dangerous out in the streets. The dog has two sad black eyes and is white with a thick red collar. It has large baggy ears and a small mouth and a black pointy nose and has short thick fur and looks as if it was really kind.
James, 8 years old


I think this dog looks a bit happy. I feel sad for the dog. He is very cute and cuddly. I like the look of the red collar and the smile. His nose and hair is very pretty and he is tall. I like the tall look. He looks a bit sad. He has cute eyelashes.
Zara, 7 years old


It’s about a dog.  (Prompt: the word says lost)  It’s about a doggie that’s lost.  The dog is in the dark.
Angus, 5 years old


If I see a dog that is lost I would ring the phone number. I’d bring it to it’s owner. I’d get some dog food.
Darcy, 4 years old


Because it’s his eyes and nose. Because I love him, I love the puppy. It makes you feel sad or grumpy because he is lost. That dog is in no house. It’s yucky because it is black. Dogs can bite.
Sheridan, 4 years old


I can see a nose, ears, eyes, mouth, a body and a collar, on his head. He lost he wants to be lost because he is smiling. Our old dog ran away, and we looked for him and couldn’t find him, now we have a bigger dog.
Amelia, 4 years old


A conversation between preschool children:

[Was very concerned about the concept of the lost dog, she asked the group] Is he sad when he is lost?
Holly, 4 years old

I’m not sure, what do you think Holly?

[Replied after studying the picture closely] No, he’s not sad he is happy, because if he is not lost then he’s with his family or if he’s not with them he’s thinking about them.
Holly, 4 years old

No, he wants to be lost, he wants to be alone with the ball.  He’s smiling, he’s thinking about the bone and ball, that’s why he is happy.
James, 4 years old

I think he’s in a dark cave.
Holly 4 years old


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